General Merchandise

Auctioneer, Jeff Norman, is experienced with all aspects of auctioneering general merchandise - new or used. Innovative Auctions Gallery is your premier resource for buyers and sellers of bulk lots, estates, merchandise lots, contents from storage units and more. You never know what you might find for sale at auction, and the bidding can get lively!

Inventory Reduction & Asset Liquidation

Sourced from retailers, manufacturers, and private dealers, our Auctioneer will generate active bidding to move surplus inventory, customer returns, and merchandise of all kinds. Overstock and refurbished stock sourced from top retailers frequently comes through at auction.

Sub-Contract Auctioneer Services

Do you need to hire a professional Auctioneer for a Liquidation Sale at your location? Or, are you a nonprofit organization seeking to raise money by holding a Charity or Fundraising Auction? We will provide a top-notch Auctioneer who will keep an audience engaged and stimulate the bidding process.


The Auction Process

Merchandise finds its way to be auctioned for many reasons. Perhaps an entire household of goods becomes available from an estate when a house is about to be sold. Or a business owner is retiring and needs to sell off remaining inventory quickly. Selling at auction is a win-win situation, as a large volume of merchandise can be cleared out quickly. Buyers are happy because they set the price they are willing to pay. Naturally, items with more interested buyers will command higher prices.